Services Overview

Through a unique blend of yoga, therapy, body strengthening, and clean living, we empower women and men to significantly reduce stress and the negative impact it has on their lives. By peeling away layers of burden and distress our clients discover what it means to live authentic with truth, purpose, and love. They grow stronger, in more ways than one, mind, body, soul.



You will learn evidence based practices like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) to challenge unhelpful thinking patterns and lifestyle choices. Through our work together, you will learn how to replace those with helpful, healthy, and rational behaviors. 

Release what holds you back.  Discover the thought patterns, beliefs, and behaviors that stand in the way of you living the life you want.  Once you identify the barriers, you will learn how to break them down.

Identify a series of intentions that will allow you to live a genuine life.  No one is you! Too often we get lost in the “sposdas” and the shoulds.  Learn how to filter the voices that are not yours and hone your ability to hear your own voice, from your own heart. 



Out of mind and into the wisdom of the body, reawaken the self and empower the expert within.  Learn how to identify warning signs for imbalance and employ a variety of healing strategies that will be readily accessible to you via food, drink, physical activity, and more.

By eliminating inflammatory food and drink you will increase energy, drive, and motivation in addition to significantly decreasing the negative effects of lifestyle related disease.  You will hit the “reset button” which will allow you to observe objectively what is and what is not working for you.  



By tapping into your passion you will reawaken and enliven the self, tapping into a source of energy that lays dormant during day to day, work-life activities.  Identify what makes you truly happy, and become empowered to access those things on a regular basis.

When you live soulfully you embrace vulnerability and fear. Learn how to “find your edge”, the space between comfort and danger that will allow you to live with passion and will energize and sustain your joy and love for life.  You will set tangible goals that will take you to your edge on a regular, even daily basis.

Our approach will target your lifestyle.  We will eliminate barriers and identify supports that will set you up for success.  You will learn how to be a “wise observer” of yourself and will be able to recognize both positive and negative triggers and cues.  You will be equipped with the tools to become your own practitioner, empowered with the knowledge to heal yourself.  Our work will empower you, with a wealth of resources in the palm of your hand to independently sustain ongoing health and wellness through your own self care.  To succeed will be when you are at a place that you can sustain your new lifestyle and outlook on your own.

Whether you are looking to finally have the six pack of your dreams or you seek to empower the strength and beauty that lies within, know that this is the work for you.  Know that this will be like nothing you have done before and because of this, you will see the results you seek, IF you make the choice to give yourself nothing less than what you deserve.